Get Organized in Just 3 Days

by Ben on July 24, 2015

Ok, tell me if this sounds familiar. You used to love working online, but now you feel not just blah, but actually resentful and overwhelmed at the thought of going to work every day. You see others creating a “lifestyle business” they love, and you want that, too, but all you seem to get is more work.

You feel like you don’t run a business, but instead have created just another job for yourself.

Would it surprise you to know that most entrepreneurs feel like that at some point in their careers? And would you be shocked to find out that these symptoms are just the tip of the iceberg?

You don’t have to live with the chaos. It’s not normal, and it’s not “just a part of being in business” (no matter what some will tell you).

Get your life back. Discover the “5 Signs Your Business is Out of Control” and more importantly, how to fix it.

Sunny Suggs has created an outstanding tutorial on getting organizes in just 3 days.

You can check it out here.

P.S. There’s also TONs of bonuses inside – to help motivate you, and keep your business going!

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Advertising Maximizer – XP Prize Pages

by Ben on January 7, 2015

Interesting Stats for the DC today for Advertising Maximizer and the XP Prize Page
The XP Prize page has been shown 1,410 times yet only 842 surfers have claimed the XP, Resulting in 117,270 XP being claimed as of this post.
I wonder why almost half of the surfers are not claiming the XP ???
It’s no surprise that Lucky13 Leader lynnm has claimed the XP Prize the most today 24 times giving Lucky13 3,249 xp
Well Done Lynn

The xp prize claim page shows approximately every 39 sites and shows a random xp prize.

It’s simple to claim just enter your CTP username and click the claim button.

Happy Surfing!!!


CTP is 3 Badge No 145

February 28, 2014

Hope you enjoyed the CTP is 3 Badge Hunt. Just in case you missed an email with the Claim Link. Here it is. Claim Badge 145 Here   Thanks to all my subscribers

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Rocket Responder is LIVE!!!!

August 23, 2013

Today the TimTech guys released the newest program in their product line. AN AUTORESPONDER – name Rocket Responder Really, I beta tested this for a couple of weeks and it is extremely simple to use. It’s a great product, email delivery is second to none and it integrates directly with your blog posts. Simply post […]

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Oracle : Exiting out of loop early

August 17, 2013

I was working on a project recently and I came across needing a need to distribute orders to zones until certain conditions were met. I found the EXIT statement came in handy for this PL/SQL Block. Oracle/PLSQL: Exit Statement The syntax for the EXIT statement is: EXIT [WHEN boolean_condition]; The EXIT statement is most commonly […]

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And it turns out that he’s actually a future version of Josh

March 12, 2013

Fake Pregnancy: Amy attempts this in an effort to get Lou to hurry up and marry her already, only for him to drily inform her that he’s infertile. Faux Affably Evil: Lou Ford never loses his puppy dog eyes, southern drawl and gentlemanly ways, even when he’s beating someone to death. For the Evulz: Why […]

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