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Advertising Maximizer – XP Prize Pages

Interesting Stats for the DC today for Advertising Maximizer and the XP Prize Page
The XP Prize page has been shown 1,410 times yet only 842 surfers have claimed the XP, Resulting in 117,270 XP being claimed as of this post.
I wonder why almost half of the surfers are not claiming the XP ???
It’s no surprise that Lucky13 Leader lynnm has claimed the XP Prize the most today 24 times giving Lucky13 3,249 xp
Well Done Lynn

The xp prize claim page shows approximately every 39 sites and shows a random xp prize.

It’s simple to claim just enter your CTP username and click the claim button.

Happy Surfing!!!

Same thing with the Jaegermech in the prison

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I hate that things are so horrible in the world when they could easily be so much better

We have no universal healthcare. Why? Because apparently it okay for you to not give a canada goose coats damn about other people.It also comes down to basic economics. California, with a democrat legislature supermajority and governorship, failed because the math simply didn work.The rich keep canada goose outlet in usa getting canada goose black friday sale richer and the poor keep getting poorer. But thats okay, canada goose outlet store because we official canada goose outlet have capitalism and that what matters.Before capitalism, the rich canada goose outlet parka were far richer. canada goose outlet uk The top 1% owns half buy canada goose jacket cheap of everything now. Back in the old days, the 1% owns all of everything. Yay capitalism. Feudalism sucks.People are against abortion because canada goose outlet uk canada goose somehow a fetus is a person even though it a empty husk. 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Now, in your case, you paid extra for two years, and you owe

discount moncler jackets Is it worth having a savings cheap moncler sale account anymore discount moncler jackets

moncler coats for women First, it is all personal, so everyone has to do what they feel is best, uk moncler outlet and there is nothing wrong with that. Now, in your case, you paid extra for two years, and you owe 60k. if you lose your income tomorrow, you still need to make that payment. Unless there is some situation I don know about in which they give you a break since you paid extra, the next payment is due. For me, it makes sense to invest, and at some point if I want to be rid of the mortgage, do it all at once. Paying all that extra gives me no benefit. Not mathematical (assuming average returns, I know.), moncler outlet online not cash flow, not liquidity, not security from foreclosure. If uk moncler sale I was doing it purely on math, I probably wouldn that said, one investment math reason that it can be useful is as a counterweight to a more aggressive portfolio. Your return on the mortgage beats the hell out of any guaranteed return you get (other debt aside). It less risky than bonds and almost as high a return, meaning that you could replace bonds in your portfolio with a combo of mortgage payoff / 100% stocks and conceivably come out ahead moncler outlet sale in return without any more risk.We at historically low interest rates. We may never see these moncler online store rates again, and you certainly can guarantee they be there at the exact time you want to borrow money again.If your investments and mortgage were a wash after taxes, it would still be better for you to “invest”. Even if your investment moncler sale online is a CD and you taking a slight loss, you can make the same argument to invest.Let say that instead of agressively paying an extra $500 a month, you put that money in a savings account over 10 years. That discount moncler jackets comes out to $60,000 in principal.If 10 years from now, you need $40k for something and the interest moncler uk outlet rates are all back around 7%:1) Your savings account is probably beating your mortgage at that point.2) Your ability to borrow at your current mortgage rate won exist. So you better off being able to use some of that $60k because that will still be at your current mortgage rate.Paying off a mortgage now is basically moncler outlet a bet that current interest rates are the new normal, and we already seeing evidence that we returning towards the historical average.The rate of return of investments being higher is just an extra benefit moncler outlet store in my cheap moncler jackets mens mind.The property tax deduction limit doesn play into this calculation because you have to pay property taxes whether there is a mortgage on your house or not.Yes, it does. SALT is now limited to $10k, which is a combination of state income tax (if applicable), local income tax (if applicable), and property taxes. This means if your deductions are traditionally SALT, mortgage interest, and charitable contributions then moncler jacket outlet you need $14,000 (if MFJ) in charitable contributions and mortgage interest in order to itemize versus take standard deduction assuming your SALT taxes are usually above $10,000. Even if you do itemize still (meaning you give a lot to charity and/or have a lot of mortgage interest or one of the other itemized deductions), the marginal moncler womens jackets benefit is now much less than it used to be since Standard Deduction for MFJ is now $24,000.The messed up part of new tax code is the $10k SALT limit applies whether you file cheap moncler coats mens MFJ or Single ($5,000 if MFS) so those who own a home and file Single aren hurt as much by the new limit. When I cheap moncler jackets womens looked into the before/after comparison in detail when the bill first passed, we would come out ahead by about $100 for the year (if I took 2017 tax information and applied it to 2018 tax code), which is nice and I take what I can get. Taxes will now also be simpler since we will just take standard deduction and not have to worry about tracking receipts for charitable contributions and other itemized deductions. This seems like moncler sale outlet a relevant article:I don see what moncler usa dollar cost averaging (DCA) would have to do with anything, it just a psychological thing than anything that would affect the math. Assuming the future is best moncler jackets flipping a coin, then investing all now moncler outlet woodbury or some intermittently isn really different, just the consuming. What I do know is that all governments print money when they need to satisfy debts, and so the only way to keep moncler sale up with the devaluation is to be invested into the assets that will be inflated. This probably isn such a common thing these days given how rare using actual checks is but in the past it moncler outlet prices was quite common for criminals to steal checks from the mail, remove the ink, and cash them. Debit card fraud has a similar effect. Neither of these things allow access to anything outside of the checking account and are more likely than the cheap moncler jackets account being compromised directly (many more points of failure from card scimmers to hacks of any website you have used your card on). We plan on moving in a year or two, and I building up my down payment in my savings account. I don want that money in a brokerage account where it could go up or down based on the market. It in my Ally account earning a respectable (as far as savings accounts go) 1.45% interest rate.I could do CDs, but I not because I don know exactly when we start looking yet, and the marginally higher interest rate isn worth it to me moncler coats for women.

Rule Explanations and Enforcement moncler outlet PolicyI’ve had

moncler jackets kids Skin Concerns The Seborrehic Dermatitis HG Thread moncler jackets kids

moncler outlet canada Only post referral codes in their corresponding threads (see Referral Thread Index).Don spam your blog, your product, your anything. Active ScA members may link to their content if they abide by our blogger and content creator policy (see Rule Explanations below).All surveys and AMAs must be reviewed by the moderator team before being posted.Every Selfie/B cheap moncler coats mens post must list a full routine.Every post title must include a valid tag.No politics (except in the context of skincare).Rule Explanations and Enforcement moncler outlet PolicyI’ve had Seb Derm for 20 years. Pyrithione zinc (0.5 to 1.0%) is the best active ingredient in a cleanser. Sulfur is moderately effective. Piroctone Olamine is mildly effective.If you need moisturizer I’ve used Cerave Cream and La Roche Posay Toleraine Fluid. Cerave is heavy, doesn’t spread well and takes a while to absorb into skin. La Roche Posay Posay Toleraine Fluid is light, spreads well and absorbs immediately. Unfortunately it’s not a matte finish for me.I think Cerave is not “fungal safe” moncler outlet store the ceramides and cholesterol can be metabolized.It used to be mildly present a bit around my nose and in the middle of eyebrows uk moncler sale forehead too got rid of it long time ago when I simply started using BHA and AHA (PC 2% liquid and 8% gel), it never re appeared in those areas moncler outlet online I believe cheap moncler jackets womens because of consistent skin care routine moncler online store and other various treatments/products that I used over the years mainly for acne and overall skin improvement (like azelaic acid, tret, sulphur, niacinamide, vit c and suitable moisturizers) which must surely had effect on SD too.Also, at the time whenever I would have incredible flaking going on my hairline, what helped me a lot was Paula Choice BHA liquid I would just pour a bit on my fingers and applied directly where needed, it exfoliated/removed the flakes of skin and would soothe the area.Nowadays I use 2% ketoconazole shampoo (called Oronazol where I live, same active ingredient as Nizoral elsewhere) with great success, now once a week for maintenance purposes (at the same time I leave it on my face as well for those 5 10 min, since surprise my forehead CC resembling acne has been fungal all along), otherwise I wash my hair with Head Shoulders (sensitive version no fragrance) with 1% zinc pyrithione which is something that in the very beginning seemingly did absolutely nothing for my scalp and hotmoncleroutlet what I started to use only by chance like a year ago again however ever since then I had no flare ups, so I just stick with it. So my current routine is Head Shoulders every or every other day moncler outlet prices + Oronazol 1x a week.For me, it has been most crucial not to let my hair get greasy, it when the inflammation starts no matter what treatment I use!Some other shampoos cheap moncler jackets mens that have been helpful besides mentioned are (all with piroctone olamine; and all contain sodium laureth sulfate):Sebamed anti dandruff shampoo and Eucerin dermocapillaire (also contains climbazole) which for some reason weren as cheap moncler sale consistent in controlling it alone for me so whenever my scalp started to itch again I knew it was time to switch shampoo. I also went through a bottle of Sachajuan scalp shampoo with piroctone olamine, climbazole and salicylic lactic acid which seemed to work moncler womens jackets well during that one use, but it not that easily accessible for me so I cheap moncler jackets haven re purchased.What moncler usa I would love to try is an SLS free shampoo to find out the difference (although I don find my hair to be dried out that much in spite of everything), which is quite hard to find an SLS free shampoo that is also SD friendly. Neutrogena T Sal with 3% SA and Vanicream Free and Clear with 2% zinc pyrithione fit the bill, shame the only available in the US. Same as Selsun Blue.So, not letting my hair get greasy, using medicated shampoo, and not moncler outlet woodbury using any hair products that contain oils or any other malassezia feeding ingredients is what keeps my SD very much under control nowadays.EDIT: I would also like to note that as a consequence of an inadequate treatment over the early years my hair has somewhat reduced in volume and for that reason I’ve been considering trying minoxidil, so if there are any women out here who have tried it, moncler sale outlet I’d really appreciate to hear your experience!Things that have worked for me:Synchroline Aknicare cleanser Really reduces oiliness and moncler sale leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth. Problem is that I feel it harsh/drying for long term use and ideally should be accompanied with a best moncler jackets good moisturizer. Still struggling to find a moisturizer that doesn break me out.La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+ I use this as a cream all over my face in the evening and it visibly reduces redness, acne and scarring (thanks to the salicylic acid, I think). I wish I could use it twice a day but it can be quite drying moncler sale online and as I haven found the right moisturizer yet I don want to risk it.La Roche Posay Kerium DS moncler uk outlet I used to use Effaclar Duo in the morning and Kerium DS at night and it worked really well. However, until I find the right moisturizer moncler outlet sale I not keen on using both products during the day so currently taking a break from this. uk moncler outlet It can burn/sting sometimes, have heard others have pushed through that and seen good results but it is not discount moncler jackets a risk I taken moncler outlet canada.

And it the keto but it also that I put 1/4 tsp of salt under

overview for lrugo

buy canada goose jacket cheap If you unhappy with your canada goose outlet sale handwriting, just practice it. There no shame in thinking about what you want your writing to look like and practicing canada goose uk penmanship. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Canada Goose online I recently got into fountain pens, which glide like a dream and are a joy to write with. But I definitely had to brush up on my cursive for sure. Although in canada goose outlet paypal general, fountain pens make everyone handwriting look more elegant, I think. When letters connect because the pen requires less pressure, you canada goose outlet in usa can take a little extra time forming each letter in a way that pleases you. Just throwing that out there sometimes it easy to chalk other people talents up to luck instead of practice. Canada Goose online

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Canada Goose Jackets Conspicuous consumption, this research suggests, is not an unambiguous signal of personal affluence. It’s a sign of belonging to a relatively poor group. Visible luxury thus serves less to establish the owner’s positive status as affluent than to fend off the negative perception canada goose parka uk that the owner is poor. The richer a society or peer group, the less important visible spending becomes. Canada Goose Jackets

canadian goose jacket I struggle with this myself. Class anxiety is real, canada goose stockists uk and wanting canada goose jacket outlet to fit in with a certain group becomes a conscious or sub conscious treadmill. (Even if that group is well within reach.) I grew up with divorced parents; my mom was broke as hell, my dad belonged canada goose outlet uk fake to a country club. I would spend summers living at my dad house, surrounded by kids whose parents provided canada goose sale uk them class markers my dad wouldn or couldn provide like those plastic Adidas slides that are sort of trendy again. Everyone on my swim team had those. Literally every kid but me. They not even that expensive, but to me, they were everything. I grew up and bought myself a pair of those same slides years ago, and I wore them to the YMCA to swim laps. And they became just shoes. canadian goose jacket

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Canada Goose Jackets But what if you had the kind of money where you didn have to think about what you would buy if you had the money? What if you had the kind of canada goose outlet reviews money where you didn even have to look at price tags? You wouldn buy the most expensive thing just because it was expensive you buy whatever you liked without worrying about HOW expensive it was. You buy based on quality rather than fitting in with some group, because you ARE the group to fit in with. “tackiness” fears) is just another side of the desire to prove you belong. It just that those of us in the middle class want to look like we belong higher. If you already in the highest, wealthiest class, you don have anything to prove. You belong just by being, so you don have to worry about wearing the exact right thing. It not an act, so you don have to follow trends. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose clearance sale Look, I pale too. But please stop equating your struggle to find pale foundation with POCs struggle to find dark canada goose kensington parka uk foundation. If you can hear how tone deaf you sound, I don know what is canada goose outlet canada going to help you. Lack of pale enough colors is at most, mildly annoying. Having your entire identify systematically erased by a society that constantly values white faces over canada goose outlet eu dark ones, white lives over canada goose outlet ottawa dark ones, white agency goose outlet canada over dark ones that a canada goose outlet toronto whole other ballgame. Maybe you think, canada goose outlet website legit well, it just makeup. But when was the last canada goose outlet real time you had to go to 5 different stores to find even ONE product out of ALL the brands that canada goose outlet woodbury could even PASSABLY help you? The struggle is not the same. This is why people roll their eyes at the whole stupid “I so pale” trope on MUA. Because it (pun intended) pales in comparison to any real struggle in this world. canada goose clearance sale

cheap Canada Goose You dehydrated. My skin always looks awful when I dehydrated. I know canada goose outlet winnipeg address you said you not because you drink water, but a lack of sodium, potassium and magnesium will cause your body to be dehydrated no matter how much you drink. Electrolytes canada goose outlet michigan are necessary minerals that help control the fluid balance in your body; water and electrolytes work together to hydrate or dehydrate you. cheap Canada Goose

canada goose I know I need extra electrolytes when the back of my throats feels dry, canada goose victoria parka outlet when I get headaches, when I sleepy in the middle of the day, when my feet feel crampy like a Charlie horse, when I get lines from my clothes because I retaining water, when I get a slight pain in my back like my kidneys are upset. there are a lot of signs. canada goose

canadian goose jacket I 33 and just started up keto again recently. And my canada goose outlet store uk skin looks like it got sun beaming out of it now. It moisturized, it more even with less redness and inflammation, spots heal faster. And it the keto but it also that I put 1/4 tsp of salt under my tongue until it dissolves, 3 4 times a day. Give it a shot for a couple days and report back. I put money down that you look luminous and your skin will be plump and gorgeous. canadian goose jacket

canada goose deals Remember that all natural fibers can be washed. Try rubbing alcohol, as someone else suggested, and try blotting also with a tide pen, dish soap, or hair spray. Try everything one at a time. Hand wash in the sink with Woolite. If nothing works, all is not lost worst case scenario is you dye it a darker color with Rit. canada goose deals

canada goose clearance If it makes you feel better, I recently sent my favorite expensive lipstick through the dryer in a load of whites. So much washing, soaking, bleaching, soaking, washing canada goose clearance.

When I came back later cheap canada goose uk into the city I

Afterwards I glued long strips in length, but I’m shure someone can get creative in this step. After the back, I glued the sides, and I went a little over the front (dont go to far, as you wont be able to break off the glue afterwards).Pay extra attention that the strips of glue align without openings, this wil improve the strength of the case.This might be the most difficult step, be patient, and control your anger. Slowly crack the front edges off (I use ‘cracking’ because this step will make a cracking sound).

canada goose outlet price They were talking about how to put out a fire Canada Goose Jackets out. They wanted a volunteer to put out the fire and when no did volunteer the teacher chose me. It’s cool to have classmates who maybe got a degree and didn’t like the work, served in the military or were uk canada goose outlet in a bad path earlier in life and are now in school to improve their life. canada goose outlet price

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Simple, understated, utilitarian, etc, but I will always be

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moncler outlet mall This is gonna be a pretty quick explanation that should probably be longer, but using the example of this image, we can see that he is taking an oversized coat, a long sweater or maybe even a skirt, shorts, moncler online store and moncler uk outlet leggings/long underwear/ and then putting a small break before hiking boots.Really breaking down the outfit, and looking at the silhouette and how it works, moncler womens jackets we can see that the sweater/skirt is the baggiest item, followed by the shorts, then the coat, and ending with the leggings. If one were to apply cheap moncler jackets womens this cheap moncler jackets mens to the MFA basics, perhaps they would use a baggy sweater, an oversized shirt with the tails poking through the bottom, and super skinny indigo died jeans with chunky redwings on the bottom. No one cares if people dress that way, but don delude yourself into thinking that makes it fashionable. There tons of thought and effort discount moncler jackets put into these looks to achieve a certain look and aesthetic and that can be considered fashionable. Not a lot of people have the charisma and moncler outlet woodbury dedication to rock a more niche style and put fashion over impressing others, but power to them. It really means that multiple people can have an opinion about what it means and be correct about their interpretation. Science is objective, people have opinions about evolution, moncler outlet sale but some of those people moncler outlet online opinions are definitively wrong. That is the difference between subjective and objective.Even though art is subjective Picasso knew that the paintings he created were cheap moncler coats mens art and the shit he took last night wasn Just best moncler jackets because it subjective doesn mean that bad art or bad fashion doesn exist. And it certainly doesn mean that because something doesn appeal directly to you and your lifestyle moncler outlet and who you want to be, then it is crap. This type of thinking is narrow minded at best. People who throw on moncler outlet store t shirts they got on summer vacations and old hoodies everyday don but hours into designing their looks and outfits. That is okay, and if moncler men you want to “dress practically” then that is okay too. There is nothing wrong here.But to try and argue that the equivalent of a two year old playing moncler outlet prices with play cheap moncler sale doe is the equivalent of a sculpture by Michelangelo is not a rational argument in any sense.For everyone, uk moncler sale fashion is dependent upon your lifestyle and context. For uk moncler outlet these guys, their lifestyle is fashion, and the context allows them to wear stuff like this. It is simply how they live. Silly? Whatever. That the point of a passion though. Some people use fashion to dress better. It a functional thing. To others it a passion that they want to dive deep into the concepts and ideas of. Doesn mean it is or has to be practical.My passion is traditional archery. moncler sale online Technically it not practical because we don have to hunt for food and have much easier methods of hunting even than two sticks and a string. But it my passion and I eat up books, articles, posts, anything about it and the philosophy behind it.Just because you moncler sale outlet don happen to like something doesn mean you have to make it known for internet points. It doesn really add much to the discussion. I leave it open for those who want to learn more and for those who know to get all geeky about it. Because that the fun!youre missing alot of stuff here.1.) photoshoots, lookbooks, and most of the more boundary pushing fit pics on the internet are not peoples every day wear. they do it moncler usa for the sake of experimentation and love of their favorite style of clothing. for example, most people who wear Rick on a daily basis, tone it way far down to were it might be a bit more crazy than the average person, but its quite far from the runway.2.) the OP likes these pictures because they inspire him to think in a certain way. Shit gets boring. There nothing cheap moncler jackets inspirational about chinos and wingtips. People rely on the extremes to push their boundaries moncler sale and expand their way of thinking about fashion and what it means to them. It not something you get or don get, it something you learn to interpret in your own way. You mentioned dressing practical in another post, well your definition of dressing practical and mine can be extremely different things based not only on tastes but also our surroundings and experiences. Simple, understated, utilitarian, etc, but I will always be able to justify spending a bit more to buy really high quality and unique items and will always use more extreme stuff to pull inspiration from. Kid looked terrible, but he seemed happy enough. But now I see this kid all the time and he ditched his fedora. And now he looks really sad all the time. Not just sad, he kind of stares off into space like he planning how to murder people. It like without his fedora he lost, and it a little depressing, I not gonna lie.Second, notice how many of the looks are either photoshoots or are of asian people (I would most likely assume Japanese). If you read this post about Japanese streetwear by solar_garden (superhomme), you note that the culture of what people wear and how they are perceived is completely different than in western culture. It pretty shortsighted to just assume that things aren practical just because you personally don see them working in your normal context moncler outlet mall.